You are already enough. 
My gift is helping you find that. 
To learn a new skill.
To unlearn an old block.
To stand in your power.
To help you shine.

My Coaching Philosophy


Special Rates for Specialized Coaching

Personal & Professional Empowerment

 All of my coaching sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on your needs.

***If you are a veteran, student, or experiencing financial hardships email me for additional payment options.***


Personal Development

At Beyond Technique Coaching I use my expertise in the Voice Body Mind connection to help you supercharge your focus and use the resources of your whole self to pursue your goals. 

Understanding and utilizing this connection is vital to personal empowerment and growth.

*Confidence Building

*Interview Preparation

*Communicating in Your Relationships

*Processing Major Life Changes

Wondering how this may help your specific situation? 

Email me and let's schedule a call.


Public Speaking

At Beyond Technique Coaching I have a holistic approach to public speaking. When your words, tone, and body language work together your focus will increase, boosting your confidence and clarifying your message. Whether you are working on a speech, polishing  a presentation, or getting ready for a book tour; there is a performance technique that can increase your impact and help you be heard.


Performance Coaching

At Beyond Technique Coaching I draw upon my vast professional and academic experience to empower your artistic work. 
Whether you are a professional or a beginner I can help you level up.
*Audition Prep
*Character Development
*Scene Study
*Vocal Technique
*Classical and Contemporary
*Original Work


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